The importance of tracking bowling scores cannot be overstated. Recognizing patterns in your game is a necessity if you’re looking to improve your game and the easiest way to track your game is to utilize the tools available. Edibu has created this scoring tracking system for iOS capable of tracking a wide range of your habits, patterns and achievements. Easily recognize where your game can be improved to begin a successful practicing routine. Start tracking bowling skills, equipment and all aspects of your game today.

Check out some the things you can track in BowlSheet®

BowlSheet Bowling Tracking iOS App Icon

BowlSheet Bowling Tracking iOS App Icon

  • Supports single player AND multiplayer games (team)
  • First iOS bowling app to support the baker scoring system
  • Now supports opponent score (match play)
  • Bowling ball speed calculator built in (mph / kph)
  • Check averages and stats from directly in the app
  • Post stats, oil pattern markups and ball drilling specs directly to Facebook, Twitter, or email with .csv file
  • Automatically calculates splits / common leaves and displays their common name
  • Pin by Pin, Ball for Ball scoring
  • Keep track of everything important in bowling
  • Easily slide your foot (Approach), Arrow, or BreakPoint Targets for each ball thrown and store the actual hits as well as attempted hits
  • Store and use different types of oil patterns as well as mark them up and send to others via email
  • Customizable color scheme for entire app
  • Store High, Middle, or Low pocket hits for each 1st ball of each frame thrown
  • Analyze games in their entirety
  • Keep track of every bowler and their equipment (balls, shoes, wrist supports, and other)
  • Store bowling ball surfaces and other important equipment options as well as use your own bowling ball image for target sliders
  • Track bowlers hand layout (span, finger sizes, pitch) and bowling ball layout (Pin / Pap / Dual Angle Layouts)
  • Store each bowling ball’s drilling and pin layouts
  • Track which shoe slide (front and back) you used at different bowling centers and even each shot
  • Take notes for each ball rolled
  • Store important aspects of each location / event bowled including addresses, phone numbers, coordinator’s contact information, you can even take a photo of each location and view the location on a map as well as auto locate via GPS
  • View common statistics for each bowler as well as their pin hit / miss ratios and percentages
  • Easily view series totals for each event
  • Bowl as a single bowler, team or as a Baker Team (bowler 1 thru 5 is assigned automatically to each frame 1-5,6-10).
  • Change team lineup prior to every Team Game
  • Filterable statistics for :First Ball average, Strikes, Spares, Splits, Pocket Shots, Open Frames, Split Conversions, Pinfall and more!

Tracking bowling scores, games, equipment and more is made even easier with BowlSheet®